MLS And Adidas Team Up For Revolutionary One Planet Kit Made From Recycled Plastic Waste

two of the greatest examples that Mexican soccer has produced throughout the world.


In honor of Earth Day and the league’s ongoing sustainability efforts, Major League Soccer and adidas have revealed the “One Planet Kit,” which will be worn by all teams league-wide on Matchday 9 this upcoming weekend (April 22-23).


The unique kit design, created entirely from recycled plastic waste, features a swirling print inspired by the ocean floor and incorporates the repeating wordmark “End Plastic Waste” as a call to action for each club to participate in protecting the planet.

Adidas sources plastic materials from remote islands, beaches, and coastal communities to create jerseys, preventing them from entering high-risk ocean environments. By collecting, shredding, melting, and blending the plastics with a threaded material, they are transformed from a problem into a high-performance solution.

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