River’s Rising Star Shines Bright During National Team Training

The world of football is full of surprises and unexpected moments, such as Claudio Echeverri’s debut in Argentina’s national team training. At just 17 years old and a great promise in River Plate’s youth teams, the young midfielder had the opportunity to train with the world champions thanks to an invitation from coach Lionel Scaloni.

Echeverri’s presence at the AFA training center in Ezeiza caused a stir and excitement among River Plate fans, who were proud to see one of their talents training with players from the elite of European and world football. However, many wondered what the young player’s release clause was and whether his future at the Núñez club was secure.

To reassure the fans, Echeverri has a contract with River Plate until December 31, 2025, with a release clause of 20 million euros. This means that any team that wants to have the young player’s services will have to negotiate with the Argentine club and pay the stipulated release clause in his contract.

Although Echeverri is one of the greatest promises in River Plate’s youth teams, he still has a long way to go and much to prove. However, his appearance in the senior national team shows that he has the talent and quality necessary to compete at the international level.


The emergence of young promises like Echeverri is a testament to the great work being done in River Plate’s youth teams, where the next generation of great Argentine players is being formed. Moreover, it is evidence that Argentine football remains a talent pool and that clubs are making a great effort to keep their young promises in their ranks.

In summary, Claudio Echeverri’s release clause is 20 million euros, meaning that any team that wants to have his services will have to negotiate with River Plate and pay that amount. However, the young player’s future is still uncertain and will depend on his performance at the millionaire club and in the national team.

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