Tottenham’s Harry Kane Eyeing Move to Real Madrid

This season has made it clear that Real Madrid needs a center forward, as the offensive weight cannot fall exclusively on Benzema. Initially, the team will allocate a significant part of their resources to the Mbappé operation, but they are also working on other targets.

Harry Kane continues to be one of the targets of sports management. The English international has been pressuring Spurs to force a move for some time now, but he has always been met with resistance from the board.

However, next summer the situation will be completely different, as he will only have one year left on his contract, and the club will be obligated to negotiate. Teams like Bayern Munich or Newcastle have also made contact with the player’s agent, but he is expected to prioritize the offer from Real Madrid over any other.

Contacts between Real Madrid and Tottenham have already taken place in an operation where the Spanish team would have to pay around €110M.

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