“He Lacks”: Quinteros Did Not Hide His Disappointment With A Promise From Colo Colo

The coach lamented the weak present that a footballer is going through.

Colo Colo is not in the best of his moments and needs to return to the optimal performance he achieved last season that allowed him to win the National Championship title. In the current tournament, they had an irregular level in all their lines, being a dynamic team in attack, but very untidy when it came to defense, which caused their rivals to take advantage of the situation to surprise and take the points.

Given this situation, it is not surprising that Popular’s weak level interferes in the personal performance of each player on the squad. So, during the last training sessions, Gustavo Quinteros rated each of the main players so that he could put the best ones on the field and bring back the units that had been lost while keeping up with the teams above him. In this way, the Colo Colo strategist said that Marco Rojas needs to get his intensity back in order to take control again.

Precisely, ‘Kiwi’ in the previous commitments was absent in the initial lineups of the white box, although he knew how to make a difference every time he entered the compliment. Therefore, during the press conference delivered by the coach from Santa Fe, he stressed that the striker needs to raise his level. “He is a boy who has many conditions, he plays inside and out. He needs to be constant and intense in the 90 minutes. He has made a difference since entering the second half. Whenever he starts, he ends up asking for a change or tired, it is a debt that he has pending, ”he explained.

Just as Quinteros highlighted the weakness that Marco Rojas is going through, he did not downplay those Colo Colo footballers who are injured and must recover in order to return to the competition. “There are players who come from injuries and who are out, but over time I give priority to those who have intensity throughout the game and that is achieved with constant work. He comes from an injury and sometimes it is difficult for the players to reintegrate ”, he declared.

Possible schema change

In a new day of the National Championship, Colo Colo will face Magallanes at the Monumental Stadium, where the locals are forced to add three to start positions in the table. In this sense, Gustavo Quinteros announced that, during the week, he was practicing different schemes that he could use in Sunday’s game.

“We have worked with two strikers. Above all, when we have to reverse an adverse situation; It has gone well for us, because the forwards have scored. The attackers hold in the rival defensive zone, we have to be more precise in the centers and in the feeding for the attackers, ”he added.



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