Celebrate Nike’s 125th Anniversary with BSC Young Boys’ New Jersey

Nike made a commemorative anniversary jersey for BSC Young Boys to wear during the team’s 125th anniversary season. The team’s original logo from 1971 until 2002 is featured on the black and gold jersey as a nod to the team’s rich history. On the sleeve, it has the anniversary logo and gold sponsor branding.

The DNA stripes on the chest of the jersey represent the unique identity of the team. What’s more, the years 1898 and 2023 are inscribed on the back of the neck, respectively representing the club’s founding year and the year of its centennial celebration.

This jersey is a great mix of the historical importance of BSC Young Boys and Nike’s cutting-edge design.

The first time the jersey was worn was a turning point in the history of BSC Young Boys. It was a way to honor the club’s many achievements and contributions to football. The jersey shows the team’s commitment to keeping up their tradition of excellence and good sportsmanship.

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